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Welcome to the Horsham District Foodie Experiences, showcasing the best foodie experiences on offer in the District

Horsham District is well known for its high quality and varied food and drink sector. This sector forms a key part of the local economy, supporting jobs and attracting visitors from far and wide. This has made the Horsham District Food and Drink Festival a key part of the offer for residents and visitors alike and has proved to be an extremely popular event in the past.

The coming year’s food and drink festival takes on a different format, changing from a single month celebration of food and drink in September to a year-round seasonal selection of experiences, so that you can enjoy the delights that Horsham District has to offer throughout the year. The focus of this new style is on the foodie experience, exploring the great variety of high quality food and drink experiences available across the District. We would like to share with you the varied and very best food and drink experiences that Horsham District has to offer. Having experienced the delights once you’ll want to come back again and again.

There is no better place to be for food and drink lovers than Horsham District.

Watch the video below to get your journey started and view the online leaflet to pick where you want to begin.

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“There is no sincere love than the love of food”

— George Bernard Shaw

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